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[Warning: this article uses the generic word “he” to refer to any individual human being.]

Why uniforms?

  • Convenience. The wearer knows how he will be clothed. Style is not relevant.
  • Identification. Many activities are represented by an exclusive uniform, signifying a special preparation and activity.

a. Law enforcement.

b. Bishops, Priests and Deacons.

c. Nurses.

d. Medical Doctors.

e. Judges.

f. Armed Forces.

All of the above wear clothing which shows that the wearer stands for something special.  He is a source of help.  He is a reminder that what he stands for is a set of values.

a.  Law enforcement – to support good actions and to arrest bad actions.

b.  Priests – the uniform of a Priest locates and reminds the wearer and the public that he is a servant of the Gospel, a preacher of the Gospel, a guide about spiritual matters.

c.  Nurses – a clean starched garment and some sort of small hat, to show where help or healing and good health can be found.

d.  Medical Doctors – white coats and stethoscopes, to show where healing wisdom and activity are to be found.

e.   Judges – upholders of the law of the land in making judgments about the activities of accused lawbreakers.

f.   Armed Forces of the nation – those who may be called and are called on to protect the nation and defend the nation from threats foreign and increasingly, domestic.

Many other instances could be mentioned, as well as counterfeits of all of the above.  But we conclude with a prayer for God’s blessing on all who serve and work for the good of others.

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