Short-timer's Disease

Posted by Father Gary Herbst on

Transition times in our lives all have this quality.  When we are focused on some big event in our lives and the event draws closer, we may miss the immediate details.   It may be a simple thing like forgetting to tie your shoes or a big thing like looking both ways before crossing a street.  All these are classic symptoms and for sure I’m being extremely cautious with my impending retirement.   Someone asked me about being excited and I’m so caught in managing details, I haven’t really caught a glimpse of the excitement yet.  So many wrapping up loose ends kind of details are consuming every waking and thinking moment.

Yet I know it will all be okay, ‘cause my Chinese fortune cookie told me so last Sunday (hah!)   It said ‘All will be well next month” or something like that.   Just kidding, but my confidence has been reassured in a number of ways.  One of those is just the strength of the people around me to step in and take over.   I’m very thankful for that.   Behind them is a cadre of other folks who are very capable and willing to help as a second line of support.  Another is the support of the Diocese in directing and advising in the transition time.

All of this leads me to see a bright future ahead for this place and for me in my retirement.  It won’t be a shining golden hill with a smooth stairway leading up.  I’m sure there will be pitfalls and obstacles like any great adventure.  But I’m confident that all will work itself out.

Peace, Fr. Gary

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