Riding in on my Bike

Posted by Father Gary Herbst on

   Riding in on my bike this morning, I celebrated the gift of creation and the gift of health.  As I felt the pull of the pedals, I was happy to push down and forward. 

   So it is with much of life; pushing down and pushing forward.  The fullness of life resists in small ways and large ways not unlike the resistance of that pedal against my foot.  God has a future in store for all of us but we have to push forward to receive it.  We can’t really coast all the time; it takes effort on our part.

  As I look forward to a new phase in my life, I can feel the push in a new way.  Yesterday it was pushing old files around and casting away: today, who knows?  It’s being revealed as I write this post.

  God gives us the gift of health and we need embrace it, celebrate it and push forward deliberately.  Who knows what awaits us?  It’s our calling to find out.



Fr. Gary

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