Retirement Announcement at St. Paul’s

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Folks, do you know that this summer marks 41 years of my ministry?   This summer also marks 15 years of ministry at St. Paul’s, more than a third of my ministry. With all that in mind, I’ve decided to retire at the end of June.   

I’ve been thinking about this since May a year ago and waiting for the time to be right.  First, let me say that the diocese is very interested in Greenville since we are the growing edge of the DFW area.  They see us as the new Rockwall without all the traffic problems (yet).  In fact, they are sending the Canon to the Ordinary Michael Gilton to preach this Sunday and address the congregation.  They have coordinated with the Vestry for a smooth transition with help with an Interim and even Candidate ideas to speed the search process.

Secondly let me say that I’ve been watching the new folks coming to join this congregation and you’ve got an incredible group of well-seasoned leaders who’ve been brought in to join the great folks that are already here.  Former Senior Wardens and national leaders of the Daughters of the King just to name a few.  I have no fears that this place will continue to survive and thrive even after I’ve left so don’t worry.   This was an important part of my decision to retire.

I’ve seen my kids go to school and university in the area and even marry some fine folks from this area.  It’s been a good ministry for my wife and me, but now it’s time to try out some new things while I’ve still got good health. 

 Thank you sharing your life with me all this time.



Fr. Gary

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