New Folks Coming In

Posted by Father Gary Herbst on

One of the challenges in any transition is welcoming new folks in.  For sure with any change in leadership there will be rough areas and smooth areas.  Old leaders have their certain areas of expertise and new ones have different skills.  My predecessor, Fr. Don, had certain areas of interest and expertise that I didn’t have.  And now Fr. Todd will bring in new perspectives.  As an Interim he will assist and guide and help the congregation discern the path ahead.  As I said last week there’s a bright future ahead for St. Paul’s and you need to listen and work together to make it happen.  Generationally, Fr. Todd and I are not too far apart so some outlooks will be familiar.  His world of experience also includes a long period in the private sector in the world of business which should bring in some new perspectives.

One of the things that can stifle growth is for folks to say “We never did that before!” and be dismissive of new ideas that will emerge.  Every new leadership needs a place and a space to grow so please offer that as you did to me when I first arrived.

I’m excited for you folks as I leave and look forward someday to hearing all about it.  God bless you in the days ahead.

Peace, Fr. Gary

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