New Beginnings

Posted by Father Gary Herbst on

Everyone likes a chance to start over.  It’s easy to look across the terrain of our past and see all the potholes that we wish we could have avoided.  Some were pretty deep and others were a simple bump in the road.  But looking back it could have been different, had we taken another path.  It’s great to look back but we have to avoid getting locked in there because the future is realized only by looking forward.  If we get locked in then every forward movement becomes handicapped by hesitation.  Instead of moving smoothly through every challenge we find ourselves dragging the pace of our life and getting worn down by over-calculating every forward step.

And that’s why new beginnings are so exciting.  New beginnings are a chance to make a fresh start unencumbered by the worries of the past.  Surely the past is important and guides us in making a proper forward direction, but sometimes starting out fresh in a new way in a new year is a bold step forward. 

Have you considered stepping out boldly in the new year?  Maybe there are some health concerns that you need to move on to with courage and conviction.  Maybe there are some areas of spiritual growth that you need to approach with dedication.  Maybe there are some personal issues you need to take a hard look at.  

Jesus is the Lord of new beginnings.  Every morning we need to take the potholes of yesterday and offer them up in prayer, asking for reassurance that they are only learning experiences to guide us forward, not roadblocks unless they need to be.  Ask the Lord to direct the Holy Spirit to gift us with insight and knowledge to discern the path for this day.  Finally ask for the gift of courage to make the steps forward that are needed.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  Have you welcomed it fully?

Peace, Fr. Gary

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