Looking Forward

Posted by Father Gary Herbst on

One of the things that keep us all going is looking forward.  For sure we need to look back from time to time to make course corrections or we won’t be very effective in our journey.  But looking forward to the unfolding days ahead of us is important.   Looking back I feel affirmed in the path here at St. Paul’s.  Adult education with Bethel and EFM has been successful and brought the Word of God closer to a number of folks.  My dream of an Episcopal revival movement was realized in a powerful way.  My love of liturgy and music was fulfilled in a wonderful way with every worship service known to man and the prayer book.

My children were educated well in this community and in the colleges of the state.  They’ve gone on to meet wonderful life partners as well and this gives my wife and me great satisfaction.  They are active contributors to their various communities and have working careers as well.

I have great hopes for this church as the area grows.  St. Paul’s has no limits by the old rules of church growth:  Plenty of off street parking and room for expansion in a growing and vibrant neighborhood.  St. Paul’s has a wonderful school as a way putting their face out there in front of a great bunch of young parents.  One Church/One School is a good program to strengthen that connection.

God has called an incredible cadre of individuals to carry on in this place.  I’ve never seen such an influx in the past years of powerfully experienced and talented individuals to carry on the mission of St. Paul’s.  I find comfort in knowing these folks are here to work together as a team to bring in the kingdom of God in and through this place.

God Bless you all in the bright future Jesus has in store for you.

Peace, Fr. Gary

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