It Was a Quiet Morning

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“It was a quiet morning”, my sister told me.

Her husband was home for President’s Day and she decided to walk and look out the front garage door of her suburban house.  And there it was: something that streaked across her view and down the edge of the concrete street.  She walked out a little further to take a closer look.  It was dirty and it had four legs; that was all she could tell.  As she walked closer, what appeared to be a dog darted under the neighbor’s car.  She walked over and bent down expecting to see it, but there was nothing.  She walked around to the front and suddenly a loud barking came from the grill of the car.  Immediately she walked over and knocked on her neighbor’s door.  She came out and they both looked at the barking grill.  There it was again, with gleaming eyes in the little hollow space that so many cars have in that area.  At first, my sister was concerned with rabies, but after talking to the dog a while it quieted down and started whimpering.  They discovered an opening in the wheel well from some previous damage to the car.  The neighbor lady said she’d never seen this dog, but that they had visited Houston the day before.  Somehow the puppy must have crawled in and ridden all the way there to Angleton about forty or fifty miles.   From the dirt all over it, that seemed entirely possible.  After soothing invitations, the little creature was coaxed out of the area.

My sister took it next door and called the animal shelter.  But of course it being a holiday they were closed.  “Well, I’ve got to get it cleaned up anyway,” she thought, so into the tub for a scrubbing.  After it was all done, there emerged a little Chihuahua/terrier mix with the boniest shoulders she’d ever seen.   “I’ve got to feed it”  was her next thought, so she opened a can of food left over from the sad departure of her earlier pet that had been run over about six months previously.  The food was gone quickly from the dish. 

The next day she debated over it and after consulting her husband decided to keep the new addition to the family that she named “Penny” after a lucky penny.  After enjoying their new friend they couldn’t believe the remarkable resemblance to their long gone earlier pet, same eyelashes and even the sound of the bark.

Each day is a new day that God gives us.  It comes filled with opportunities, if we’ll take the time to look.  What has God put right in front of you that you need to step out and take a look at?  Could be that you’ll recover a long lost friendship or gain a new one that’s just waiting for you cleverly disguised and miraculously delivered?

- Fr. Gary

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