In This Sign Conquer

Posted by Father Gordon Miltenberger on

Instances of making the sign of the Cross are so varied and frequent as to make reference to them all very difficult.

In general the sign of the Cross may be made:

  • when we ask a blessing from God
  • when we receive a spoken blessing
  • at the conclusion of many “items”: such as the Nicene Creed, the Prayers of the People [Prayer for the whole state…], the Lord’s Prayer, the Gospel Canticles, Magnificat [my soul magnifies the Lord…], Nunc dimittis [Lord, now let your servant depart in peace…], and Benedictus [Dominus Deus [Blessed is the Lord God of Israel…].

  The point of all these signs of the Cross is to re-enforce our remembrance of, and devotion to our Lord and all He did and does for us. We have mentioned instances as a framework. It is all a matter of helping to focus our prayers on the reality that all communication with God comes to us through the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus. The same people are children of the Cross and of the Resurrection. In the face of all the distractions and evil that confront us daily we need the firm foundation of the Cross and the Resurrection and also the continuing reminders from whatever help there is. 

“In hoc signo vinces”.  

- GM

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