Couch Potatoes

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This is the last column submitted to the "From The Desk" series by Father Gordon Miltenberger. We greatly appreciate the spiritual wisdom and gentle wit he has shared with us in his writings for the past eight years.


There are many couch-potatoes: such a person is one who "sits out" his relationship to the world around him. He/she takes all the advantages and contributes little or nothing: advantages such as shelter and sustenance. Couch-potatoes are raised not born, though the modern distractions from activity are more and more pervasive.

   The Christian couch-potato receives the spiritual shelter of God's presence and the sustenance of the gifts of Christ through the wisdom and strength of the Holy Spirit. Active response begins with worship, but does not end there. Worship includes the weekly gathering of the faithful who are physically able. Beyond that is the anytime-action of prayer and spiritual Bible and other readings. If this is individual, anytime can be used. In the 21st Century the spate of public and private electronic devises has taken over the use of our time. Wrench moments away from the demands of personal self-satisfaction. Let deliberately chosen time be aimed at the realization that the Christian is a child of God and needs to spend time in a variety of ways with his Creator-Savior-Sanctifier. For instance, instead of wallowing in our benefits from God we should label and recognize them. Thanks be to God! Instead of wallowing in portrayal of evil and crime, we should live in the real world of natural wonders and the daily lives of our fellow Christians – all members of our life in Christ.  Don't spend all our precious moments playing, but spend time praying. Besides the time of praise and thanksgiving to God, include prayers of support for everyone, but especially the poor, the sick, and dying and dead in Christ. Many of them act more like Christians then we do. To all Christians who do spend some time praying, Right On! To those who do not, get up and act like the child of God you are. "Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before."  


- Fr. Gordon

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